Vane Pump

Tohshin's technological excellence _ quietness of the highest standard in the world

Pumps used in machines should run quietly in order to realize user-friendly,
low-noise environments. Our vane pumps, developed in the pursuit of quietness, have finally reached the highest level globally. We respond to the needs in today's society.


Medical field: Dialysers Tap water
Cleaning devices Antiseptic solution
Inspection devices Acetone alcohol
Laser devices Cooling water
Semiconductor field: Cleaning devices Cleaning fluids
Cooling device Fluorocarbon inactive solvents
Lubrication devices Lubricants
Food field: Food machinery Liquid foods
Biotechnology field: Physical and chemical instruments Chemicals
Other industrial fields: Washers Low-concentration ozone water
NOx removal systems Urea water
Cutters Ethylene glycol solution
Printers Organic solvents
Engine testing devices Gasoline,Light oil, alcohol
Waste water disposal Polyelectrolyte coagulants
Transformer oil purifiers Transformer oil