create and contemplate

The basis of our philosophy lies in "to create." This means 'not to just physically make something' but "to create the best possible products."
We never draw a negative conclusion only with the theoretical discussion, but always try to make a prototype sample or hands-on trial first to respond to whatever needs the customer may have.
This is not a wasted attempt of reaching for something blindly in the dark.
With the confidence and challenging sprit based on the accumulation of our experience, our desire to create something will come out. We create products that will meet new needs, and at the same time, foresee new possibilities one step beyond our perspective.
Newly created products offer added value as well as problems. As for the added values, we "contemplate" how they can be fully used.
As for problems, we "contemplate" how they can be solved. In other words, "to create" can be complemented by "to contemplate."
Tohshin Group is a cluster of product creators who arduously continue to "create and contemplate."
Tohshin Group

Roller : As a specialist in roller manufacturing, we provide rollers of high quality.
CNC centerless grinder : We aim to provide total grinding systems.
Vane pump : Quietness is a feature of our vane pumps.