Tohshin Group Overview

Tohshin Group Overview



The stream of the times flows away from the stagnate objects without mercy.
Therefore we interpret the same kanji character as "to create" and "to start again to create."
To "create" and to "start again to create" means to break out of one's shell and transform into a new self. It means to obtain the strength to overcome the times.
Tohshin Seiki will continue to make its corporate efforts to become an unmatched company as a leading roller manufacturer. And Tohshin Technical will do the same to establish a reputable Tohshin brand through further technical innovations and product development.
To create a new Tohshin.

Tohshin Group Overview

Three group companies combine their power together to help and train each other.

Tohshin Seiki has established itself as a manufacturer specializing in rollers.
Tohshin's superior technology has been enhanced to its unique technology by competing with other manufacturers as well as by challenging itself. Since the company was founded, Tohshin Seiki has worked hard to create products that are reliable. Due to its perpetual challenge to a higher precision, Tohshin Seiki has imposed very strict standards on itself. It has even developed its own machine tools since there was no better way than making the desired machine tools by itself in order to obtain a targeted precision level. This is how Tohshin Technical was started.
Processing technology and information that Tohshin Seiki has accumulated has led to developing its own machine tools, and now the tools are sold on the market. Tohshin presents its brand with its technical capability to see if it can meet the needs of the times, i.e., play a radical role within the group.

Tohshin Group Overview  (as of March 2015)

Capital 183.5 million yen~
Employees 577 (67 women)
Sales 12.3 billion yen (on a consolidated basis)
Land area 82,000m²
Building area 37,100m²

Company History

December 1956 Establishes Tohshin Seiki Co., Ltd. to manufacture cylindrical rollers for
bearings. (the present Tohshin Seiki Co., Ltd.).
January 1958 Prototype receives a high evaluation, and the full-scale sales start.
November 1961 Joins the Japan Bearing Industrial Association
April 1962 Relocates the head plant to Terai (the present Nomi City), applicable to the prefectural and municipal ordinance to attract industry. Starts manufacturing tapered rollers.
May 1968 Starts manufacturing spherical rollers. Adds on No.5 and No.6 plants.
June 1971 Establishes Tohshin Technical Services Co., Ltd. (the present Tohshin Technical Co., Ltd.) within the head plant as the equipment maintenance division. Adds on No.4 plant.
April 1974 Starts manufacturing hollow rollers. Adds on No.1 and No.2 plants.
April 1981 Tohshin Technical Services relocates the head plant to the Ao Industrial Park in Terai.
October 1982 Starts mass production of precision shafts, pins and needle rollers. Adds on heat treatment plant.
November 1982 Develops the grinding machine model TO-20 No.1 machine, and starts the continual renewal for the internal use.
July 1985 Completes Technical Center (headquarters administration building).
April 1987 Ishikawa Prefecture designates our plant as a TQC model plant.
November 1987 MITI recognizes the vane pump as a product to improve small company technology.
February 1988 Starts selling CNC centerless grinders.
July 1988 Establishes TON Co., Ltd. (the present Tohshin Co., Ltd.)
June 1990 Completes Tohshin Welfare Center.
March 1991 Reorganizes the Tohshin group companies into Tohshin Seiki Co., Ltd., Tohshin Technical Co., Ltd. and Tohshin Co., Ltd.
April 1991 Tohshin Technical relocates the new head plant to Kokufudai in Komatsu City.
Starts full-scale sales of centerless grinders and vane pumps.
April 1995 Tohshin Seiki is designated as the small company rationalization model plant.
May 1995 Tohshin Technical's CNC centerless grinder TO-60 series gets awarded with the Brand Grand Prize by Ishikawa, and the Technology Prize by Advanced Process Association.
March 1996 Tohshin Seiki concentrates the lathe turning process at the Ao No.1 Plant.
January 1997 Tohshin Seiki gets awarded with the Medium and Small Business Research Institute Prize.
April 1998 Tohshin Technical releases a whole house washing system called "Home Fresh Water System."
April 1999 Tohshin Seiki adds on Ao No.1 Plant to strengthen the lathe turning process.
December 2000 Tohshin Seiki acquires ISO9002 in 1994 (RvA: DNV) (renewed to ISO9001: 2000 in 2003/12)
March 2001 Tohshin Technical's index infeed type CNC centerless grinder TO6020-IF wins the Gold Prize in the Ishikawa Brand Excellent New Product Machine Industry Division.
May 2002 Tohshin Technical develops the world top class silent vane pump series.
November 2002 Tohshin Seiki adds on No.7 plant.
March 2003 Tohshin Technical develops Sigma II series.
June 2003 Tohshin Technical develops the angular centerless grinder TO-6020S-A.
December 2004 Tohshin Technical acquires ISO9001: 2000 (RvA: DNV).
March 2005 Tohshin Seiki acquires ISO14001: 1996 (RvA: DNV) (renewed to ISO14001: 2004 in 2006/3)
December 2005 Tohshin Seiki adds on Delivery Center.
April 2006 Tohshin Seiki is selected as one of the “300 of Japan's Exciting Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
December 2006 Tohshin Seiki adds on Ao No.2 plant and integrates the processes for manufacturing tapered rollers into one factory.
December 2007 Tohshin Technical acquires ISO14001: 2004 (RvA: DNV).
October 2008 Tohshin Technical develops the low environmental burden type centerless grinder TO-6045 II.
February 2010 Tohshin Seiki receives a “Jury’s Encouragement Prize of IT Management Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.